CJ Puotinen
EFT Coach and Trainer


The EFT Guild

The EFT Guild (EFTGuild.org), headquartered in the U.K., is an international association of EFT practitioners who study and work together to enhance and improve their skill. By focusing on EFT’s fundamentals, the Guild encourages the practice of effective, skillful EFT.

The EFT Guild focuses on the Four C’s:
Calming through continuous tapping;
Connecting through the Gentle Techniques;
Clearing through 'Narrate the Movie', 'Tell the Story' or 'Run the Movie' techniques;
Completing through Testing, Rehearsal, Reality testing, Integration, and Intention.

These techniques and how to use them are taught in the EFT Training courses developed by Gwyneth Moss for the EFT Guild.